Using Tinn-R

  1. Run Tinn-R. When the window opens up, select File, then select "New" to start a new file. Type a few commands in like a few of the ones below. Next, select "R", then "Start preferred Rgui". You can also click on the "R" on the bottom toolbar (third from the right) to start R.
    Tinn-R Window
  2. You should now see a R window placed below the Tinn-R window, and both are expanded to cover the entire screen. To submit the current command line to R (the yellow highlighted line), click on the small icon in the graphic below above the "Send current line". This allows for the incremental submission of R code to R. This should help to make corrections to the code, and resubmission to R easy!
    send line to R for execution
  3. If you save the file with the extension ".r", then you can open the file in Tinn-R anytime by double clicking on the file. I like to save all my R files in a directory, and then double click on the file to start Tinn-R.
  4. You can click on the "R Card" to get some basic help for R. You can also still type "help("command")" in the R console window for help on R commands.
  5. You can have line numbers appear before each line if you select "View", then "Line Number" (or type Ctrl-L). This might help you find an error quicker if you submit an entire file to R.
  6. Explore the interface a bit. If you find something in particular you like, let me know!
S. Hyde
Last modified: Tue Sep 8 19:10:33 HST 2020