Using Notepad++ with NpptoR

  1. To run Notepad++, right click on the R icon in the system tray as show below, then select "Start Notepad++"
    System tray - start notepad++
  2. Type a few commands in like a few of the ones below. To submit the current line to R to be run, press the F8 button. Note that if F8 doesn't work because you're using it, you can change it. See the bottom of this webpage for how to change the settings for NppToR.
    Notepad++ window with commands.
  3. If R wasn't already started, then it will start behind the Notepad++ window. You should see the current line submitted to R.
    Line submitted to R.  Press F8
  4. If you want to submit the entire file to R, then press Ctrl-F8 instead. This submits all the commands. There are also other commands that can be used as well. See the next item for a description of them
    Press Ctl-F8 to submit.
  5. If you want to change any of the settings for NppToR, then right click on the R icon in the system tray, then select "Settings". The following pops up:
    Edit registry window - choose custom keyboard shortcut
    You can use "^F7" to designate Ctrl-F7, etc. Note the legend at the bottom left of the above window explains the meaning of the symbols. The hotkeys do the following:
    • Pass line: Passes a line to R
    • Pass file: Passes the entire file to R
    • Pass to point of cursor: Evaluates the file from the beginning of the file to the point of the cursor.
    • Batch process file: Saves the file, then evaulates the file in batch mode, and opens the result in Notepad++
S. Hyde
Last modified: Tue Sep 8 20:10:05 HST 2020