Installing FeedReader

  1. Find the file FeedReader310Setup.exe that you dowloaded in the previous step. Double-click on FeedReader310Setup.exe (or similarly named version). Choose your setup language: with Choose language
  2. You will see the following. Click on Next. Welcome to the R for Windows
  3. Read the License (if you desire), click on "I accept the agreement", then click on Next. GNU License Agreement
  4. Next you will see a Setup window asking where you want to install FeedReader. What is below is fine. Click on Next. Setup image
  5. Next you will be asked where should the programs shortcuts to be placed. Click on Next once you've selected the packages. Start Menu
  6. For the next window, you will be asked what additional tasks that you want performed. None of these is required. I personally like the Quick Launch icons. Click Next when ready. Setup Additional
  7. Click on Install. Setup Ready

    Configuring FeedReader

  8. Next we wait for the program to finish installing. Once it is finished, it runs itself for the first time. Now we can configure it. Select the language you want to use (I'll assume its English). Click on Next. Choose configure language
  9. Select whatever initial properties you want working. If you have broadband access and your computer is connected to the internet all the time, I would suggest you run the program automatically when Windows starts up. If you have dialup internet access, it would be wise to not have the program run automatically at startup. Make your choice and select next. Run at Startup?
  10. Next, you're prompted to select the feeds you'd like to subscribe to. A warning: Don't select a lot of feeds, as you'll find it's hard to keep up with all the feeds. I would suggest you try one or two feeds. Don't check the box left of the directories as that will add ALL the feeds from that category. Rather, click on the plus sign to the left of the directories (I've circled it in the graphic below). This will expand the directory and show you several individual feeds. Click on the boxes left of them instead. Click Finish once you're ready! Select feeds...
  11. If you want to add a feed manually, then proceed to the next section.
S. Hyde
Last modified: Fri Jan 19 01:16:19 HST 2018