Installing Rcmdr

  1. Install R

  2. Start up the R statitical environment You should see something similar to
    R statistical environment
  3. Type install.packages("Rcmdr",dependencies=TRUE) in the R console window like so:
    R statistical environment
  4. Next, you need to select a mirror.
    CRAN mirror selection
  5. Next, you wait as R installs SEVERAL packages (at least 40 packages, which includes Rcmdr) You should see:
  6. Now type library(Rcmdr) in the R console window. R may ask to install additional packages. This should be fine, so click "Yes"
  7. Click on the dot next to "CRAN", and click on "OK"
  8. After the additional packages are loaded, you should see the Rcmdr window appear:
  9. Click on the menus to get a feel for how to use it. Everytime you want to use this, all you type is library(Rcmdr) and the same window should appear.
S. Hyde
Last modified: Fri Jan 19 01:15:08 HST 2018