Other Stuff

There are lots of "Other stuff" that I do. Mainly for my own interest, when it doesn't have anything to do with work. Many times these "other things" that I do have an impact on my research and work. Over the past few years, I've collected a list of programs that I've found useful. I'm particularly partial to the open source software, as I judge the quality to be as good or exceed many proprietary software. I use Windows and Linux, with some Solaris back at my graduate institution. Here's the list:

In addition, I've tried to put into web pages some of my experience with installing "not-so-easy" programs. They include Latex for Windows, using VNC with ssh (on Windows), and using Emacs with R. I'll probably include more later. You can find the list of guides here:

There have been other things that I have learned that aren't about installing a program, but about little annoyances and correcting them. I've placed these in my Tips section.

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S. Hyde
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