Homework will be given as Problem Sets composed of homework from the textbook, as well as programming assignments. In order to succeed, you need to come to class, prepared to work having previewed the material to be covered that day. Keep up with homework assignments and exams, work more problems than those assigned for homework if necessary. Note that the back of your book gives answers to the problems. Refer to other numerical analysis books online or in the library, form study groups, and get help promptly when problems arise. It is essential to use a good calculator and a computer to do your number crunching. We will be using the HP50G and the programming language R (with R-studio) to do the programming this semester.

Do not copy solutions to problems more or less directly from the internet or from another source (including other students). While I highly encourage you to work in groups and learn from the internet, I would like to see the solutions written in your own words, which demonstrates that you understand the material. If I find two or more solutions, which are essentially the same (notation, structure, words, errors), I will split the points for that question equally among all students submitting that solution. Note that if you cannot do the homework questions without assistance, it may indicate you will not perform well on an exam.

S. Hyde
Fri 10 Jan 2020 04:24:21 PM HST