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Practice Tests

These practice tests are intended to give students in Math 221 some idea of the types of questions which could be asked on an exam. They may not cover all of the topics which will be on your exam (and they may cover more topics than are on your exam). The length of your exam may be shorter than this practice exam. Working these problems is not a substitute for studying your notes and reading the book. Don't forget to take it like an exam (which means no notes or book, only a pencil and a calculator) if you want to know how well you know the material. If you use it like a study guide instead, you will think that the actual test is harder than the practice exam. It is not!

Note that the tests below cover approximately all the information in the chapters in our book (Gould). However, they may be off by a chapter or so. If you are unsure if a topic is supposed to be on the exam because it seems unfamiliar, just ask me on email and I'll clear it up for you.

Formula Sheets

Formula Sheets are provided on the tests as the last sheet of the test, so it can be removed temporarily for convenience during the test. Don't forget to staple it back on after a test is completed.

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