Syllabus for Math 121, Fall 2020

Course Description

Descriptive statistics, elementary probability, central tendency, variability, random variables (discrete and continuous) confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, ANOVA, contingency tables

Important Dates

First day of classes is on Wednesday, September 2nd.

Last day to add/drop a class online without a fee is on Friday, September 4th.

Labor Day Holiday is on Monday, September 7th.

Last day to add a class with faculty signature is on Friday, September 11th.

Last day to drop a class (with fee) is on Monday, October 5th.

Withdrawls begin with W or WF is on Tuesday, October 6th.

Last day to withdraw from a class (with fee) is on Thursday, October 22nd.

Thanksgiving Holiday is on Thursday, November 26th.

Thanksgiving Holiday is on Friday, November 27th.

Reading Day is on Saturday, December 5th.

Last day of classes (including finals) is on Thursday, December 10th.

Calculators and Computers

A calculator that is capable of performing statistical calculations (up to linear regression) is highly recommended for the course. Some choices include the TI-83, TI-84, TI-85, TI-86, HP-48, HP-49, or HP-50. If possible, the TI-83, TI-84, or the HP-50 are particularly useful for this course. In addition, the statistical package StatCrunch will be used extensively throughout the course. The package will run on any broswer on any computer system and will be available to use on an exam as well.

Mathematics Learning Center

The MLC is a good place for math students to study. The Math Learning Center has hired tutors to help with tutor help for classes. They are contactable remotely and can help you at various times of the day! Sign up on Tutoring Queue website to sign into the queue to receive help. The link to the Microsoft Teams page is here.

Additional Help

Seek help if and when you need it! Email is a good place to ask me questions. The best time to ask me questions is ANYTIME! Because of the coronavirus, I will maintain electronic contact with you much higher than a face-to-face class. If you cannot meet during the scheduled Office Hours on Zoom, then just email me and we will find a time that will work for both of us! It's not hard! Please do it!


During a face-to-face class, attendance is mandatory! Come every day! However, during the pandemic, you are encouraged to WORK daily! Keep up! Your attendance and full participation in this class are required for a satisfactory grade. You are responsible for any material covered during your absence! You must ask other classmates for any hints or help learned in class during your absence! Prolonged absence from class or often arriving to class late will lower a student's grade.

Classroom Decorum.

As we are not in a classroom this semester, please maintain kind and courteous behavior online. Anything that would be consider disruptive in a classroom is still disruptive right now. Treat others with respect and you will be blessed! If you find that you are distracted during classroom presentations by disruptive behavior of any sort, please talk with me.

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to provide students an introduction to the the study of statistics. Statistics have become a big part of our everyday lives (e.g. on the internet, television, newspapers, ads, polls, etc.) One objective is to provide you tools to be able to understand information given through statistics. Another objective is for you to express your knowledge of statistics to others, especially to others that may not have a good understanding of statistics. This is especially important when explaining the results of studies. Development of your problem solving skills, as well as your reasoning skills should be enhanced through the study of statistics.

Instructional Methods

The primary instructional method will be lecture and discussion, where the initial portion of the class is available for questions. Secondary methods include online homework and quizzes, and online and written exams. Tertiary methods may include class handouts, student board work, graphing calculators, computer statistical software.

Homework and Quizzes

Homework will be assigned and completed online at the MyStatLab website (links on Canvas). You should have the homework completed the class period after we cover the section in class. Make sure you keep up! You need to be self-motivated. If you do not do any homework, then you will not pass this class! Homework is your opportunity to prepare for the quizzes and exams. Online Quizzes will need to be taken for each chapter we cover.


The tests will be given in Canvas over a few day period to make it flexible for you. Students who fail to take an exam during the schedule may only take a make-up exam for full credit if previous arrangements were made with the instructor or under extenuating circumstances. Make-up exams are rarely given. I do not drop your lowest exam score; rather, if you perform well on the final exam, I will use the final exam score to REPLACE your lowest chapter exam. A schedule of the exams is on the calendar. A schedule of the exams is on the calendar for section 1.

Exam Material covered
1 Chapter 1-4
2 Chapter 5-7
3 Chapter 8, 12, 9
4 Chapter 10, 11, 14
Final comprehensive

Final Exam Policy

School policy dictates: "Final exams are to be offered on the specific day and time as determined by the official university exam schedule. Students must plan travel, family visits, etc., in a way that will not interfere with their final exams. Less expensive air fares, more convenient travel arrangements, family events or activities, and any other non-emergency reasons are not considered justification for early or late final exams.'' Exceptions to this policy are as follows and should be submitted in writing to the Dean of the college or school as soon as possible. See the final exam schedule page for more information.

Grading and Evaluation

Your course grade will be based on exams, a final, online homework, and online quizzes. Exams will be worth 60% of the course grade, with 25% in homework and the remaining 15% in quizzes. Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

A 93-
A- 90-93
B+ 87-90
B 83-87
B- 80-83
C+ 75-80
C 70-75
C- 65-70
D 55-65
D- 50-55
F Below 50

Statements for Course Syllabii

The Honor Code exists to provide and education in an atmosphere consistent with the ideals and principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Students, faculty and staff are expected to maintain the highest standards of honor, integrity, morality, and consideration of others in personal behavor. Academic honesty and dress and grooming standards are to be maintained at all times on and off campus. The schools policy on Academic Honesty can be found at the web page Students are reminded that they have signed the school Honor Code, and have agreed to abide by the code.

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Title IX Office
Lorenzo Snow Administrative Building
55-220 Kulanui St. Laie, HI 96762
Office Phone: (808)675-4585

Student Academic Grievance policy: Students who feel that their work has been unfairly or inadequately evaluated by an instructor are encouraged to pursue the matter as an Academic Grievance by following the steps found in the Academic Grievance policy at

Accomodating Students with Disabilities: Disability Services is dedicated to assisting students with disabilities by providing opportunities for success and equal access at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. We are committed to coordinating reasonable accommodations as outlined by Federal and State law.

To learn more about available supports:
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