Departmental Outcomes for Psychology 205, Fall 2017

The Math Department has established eight outcomes for graduating mathematics majors. The table below indicates which outcomes will beaddressed in Psychology 205.
Outcome Priority Where/when it is addressed
1. Knowledge studies. High This course will address knowledge of statistics including basic descriptions of data, interpretation of data, concepts of probability, and inferential statistics tools including t, chi-square, ANOVA, and linear regression tests.
2. Inquiry High Students must demonstrate critical thinking when presented with research papers and their abstracts, sets of data, making judgments about bias within data gathering techniques, determining whether statistical tests were properly or improperly applied, and watching for cases of testing errors.
3. Analysis High The work in this class is primarily focused on questions asked about populations, analyzing data from those populations using the tools of statistics and probability, drawing conclusions from that analysis, and applying those conclusions to the population.
4. Communication Medium All statistics students need the ability to properly communicate both the conclusions that can be reached from their analysis of data, and the methods and procedures that were used to arrive at those conclusions. Clearly expressing these graphically and in writing is assessed.
5. Integrity Low Discussions of ethical gathering and use of data is discussed, and students are to behave ethically in the classroom setting.
6. Stewardship Low Examples of the use of statistics include those relating to resource management and other social issues. Also, students are expected to manage their time effectively in order to complete assignments and prepare for and take exams.
7. Service Low While little is done directly to assess service, it is expected that the skills developed in this class will enhance the abilities of students to provide service to their communities in the future.
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