Homework will be assigned but not collected. You should have the homework completed the class period after we cover the section in class. Make sure you keep up! You need to be self-motivated. If you do not do any homework, then you will not pass this class! Homework is your opportunity to prepare for the quizzes and exams. You will find that quizzes will be modeled after the homework, and may include exact problems from the homework. Quizzes will be given approximately once weekly. Quizzes cannot be made up for ANY reason, since I will drop one out of every five quizzes. If you keep all your homework and quizzes organized in a loose leaf notebook, you'll find it easier to study for the exams. Working with partners or in groups on homework is encouraged!

Note that the answers to each of the odd exercises is given at the end of the book. Keep your homework organized! One suggestion would be to start homework for new section on a new sheet of paper. It makes it easier to study for tests later! Do at least the following exercises. If you desire more practice, then do all the odd problems. After completing the odds and the problems below, do more problems if necessary!

S. Hyde
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